Caregiver Opportunities

caregiver-opportunitiesVIP America is always looking for quality caregivers to add to the registry! If you are interested in registering with us, you will find information below that will be helpful in getting you started.

As a Nurse Registry, we have continually grown due to our ability to represent skilled people that want to put their abilities to work. Whether you are in need of client referrals that help supplement your current income or you desire flexibility to accommodate your active lifestyle, our goal is to help you be as busy as you want and to assist you in putting those hard-earned skills that you have developed to work. It is our hope that if you register with us that your skills and dedication to quality work will be very much appreciated by the clients you work with. We will do our best to refer client opportunities to you that will help you showcase your skills. Your satisfaction is our success!

Things to bring when you come to Register:


As the season kicks in, the demand becomes greater for live-in caregivers. If you are interested in being a live-in caregiver, please contact Erin Duffy - Credentialing Specialist at (772) 220-6005 for an interview.