Caregiver Selection

One of the most essential pieces to procuring assistance in your home, whether for yourself or a loved one is the individual who will actually be providing care in the home. It can be a daunting task finding that perfect caregiver. There are so many elements to consider when identifying the right person and like anything else, it’s about finding the proper attributes to care for your loved one.

VIP America takes care of some of the guess work for you and then works along side you to identify the right type of caregiver. Each caregiver is carefully screened and the selection process meets Florida’s regulatory body, the Agency for Healthcare Administration, standards in addition to some criteria we’ve added to ensure best practices.

All caregivers must:

The second piece to identifying the best possible person is sitting down with you, the client, and thoroughly assessing your specific needs and wants. After an assessment has been completed we use the information obtained in both parts to present you with what we feel is the best possible caregiver for your specific needs.