The VIP Difference

You have probably heard it said that life is a series of seasons. Some bring pleasant changes and others prove to be more challenging. One season in life that most individuals will face is a phase in which you or your loved one may find it necessary to bring in a little extra help.

VIP America, LLC is a licensed State of Florida nurse registry that has been serving Southeast and Southwest Florida since 1997. We understand the growing need our local population faces for quality in-home care. Our community is faced with a growing number of geriatric aged residents who find themselves in need of additional help in their homes on a regular or semi-regular basis. Tasks that once seemed common-place daily routines are now more of a chore to complete. VIP America is able to refer to these individuals quality caregivers who will be able to assist the individual in staying independent in their own home.

One of the ways VIP America strives to distinguish itself from the competition is in the emphasis we put on matching quality caregivers to the clients who request home care services. Our primary method of doing so is by our Psychosocial Matching process. With this unique and useful tool we thoroughly interview the potential client to assess not only their physical & medical need but to also ascertain their own individual preferences when it comes to their home, their care and the individuals who assist them.

On the reverse side the caregivers on our referral list are carefully screened and their unique skills and levels of experience measured and taken into account. This allows us to better match caregiver to client when making the initial referral of care.

For example, a new client may be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, need assistance to ambulate and be hard of hearing. Thus they would need someone who has Alzheimer’s experience, have the physical ability to assist the client in walking and with their mobility and communicate clearly and effectively with that client. However that client’s unique needs do not stop with their physical condition. The client may have worked as a teacher in the past, enjoyed gardening when they were more independently mobile and likes to complete puzzles or play board games in the evenings now. Wouldn’t they be best matched to a caregiver who, in addition to being able to care for the client physically also has similar interests or experiences?

At VIP America we believe a client is more than their medical history and current diagnoses. We also believe a good caregiver runs deeper than a clear background and the proper trainings. While both the client’s condition and the caregiver’s credentials are such essential pieces of the home health care puzzle, a good quality home care experience is so much more intricate than that. Call us today to find out how VIP America can make a difference in improving your loved one’s quality of life with caring and professional home health care in Naples, and South Florida.