returning-homeOne of the programs VIP America provides is to those who are returning home from a facility after a brief and/or extended stay. Whether it be due to an illness or an injury individuals often find that their needs and abilities change while they’re away from home. Caregivers referred by VIP America can assist the individual returning home by:

  • Making sure the home is safe and ready to receive the client by decluttering walk-ways
  • Cleaning out the fridge and making sure there is edible food that meets any diet restrictions that may have been put in place while in the hospital if necessary
  • Light homemaking, such as dusting, washing bed linens, cleaning the bathroom etc.
  • Transporting the client back to their home and making them comfortable
  • Staying with the client for the first 24-48 hours to make sure the client is safe and acclimating well now that they are returned to their home environment
  • Running any errands such as grocery shopping, filling and picking up prescriptions etc.
  • Office staff will follow up with the clients progress at home and communicate updates back to physicians and discharge planners as needed.

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