Often a potential client will call us with a request concerning an occasional need like transportation to a doctors or medical appointment. Maybe you’ve got a good handle on caring for your loved one but every now and then a work schedule gets in the way of a scheduled hair appointment or a trip to the specialist’s office. For those individuals not requiring any consistently scheduled care we most certainly can work on an as needed basis! Consider VIP America as your back-up plan for those times when you might be stretching yourself just a little too thin. It’s simple and quick to set up and provides peace of mind to have that helping hand on the occasions that you may require it. Especially if you’re out of state caring for your parent or loved one and just need the peace of mind that when necessary an experienced, qualified caregiver is there to lend that helping hand. Transportation Assistance provided to:

  • Doctor’s/Medical Appointments
  • Personal Appointments such as hair dresser, salon services, barber shop etc.
  • Errands such as grocery shopping, dry cleaners, drug store, the mall etc.
  • Assistance to a pet’s appointment like the vet or groomers.
  • Social outings like card games, dining out with friends and/or church.
  • And much more...

If you are unsure whether or not transportation services can meet your need give our intake specialist a call to discuss the best option for you! Call 772-220-6005 and select option 1.