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06 October 2014

Preparing for "The Fall"

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Preventing Trips & Topples

I know it’s hard to tell sometimes living in South Florida, but with the arrival of holiday décor in our local shops and supermarkets it’s safe to say we are officially in the fall season. So what better time than now to touch on one of the biggest dangers to the senior population: the risk of falling.

10 August 2013

5 Tips to Introduce the Idea of Home Care

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One of the most rewarding and sometimes challenging aspects of my position here at VIP America is when I’m given the opportunity to meet with a family or potential client to complete a new client assessment. Sometimes the transition into Home Care is quite smooth. All the members involved, (potential client, spouse, family, health professionals, friends etc.) are on the same page and the assessment is completed and care instituted swiftly and without hiccup.

Other times a call will come into our Intake/Insurance specialist in which the initial inquiry into home care is made with trepidation and great concern. The free assessment is scheduled and I find myself meeting with a potential client and their family member(s) who has only just found out that they may be receiving home care or in some cases have no idea why I’m there at all. In this instance, when the idea of home care or additional help is suddenly sprung on the individual the transition into receiving assistance in their home does not always go quite as smoothly.

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