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03 April 2014

Everyone Isn't for Everybody

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“Now let’s talk a little bit about the type of caregiver who will be coming to your home.” It’s a phrase I offer with some hesitation as I’m sitting in the living room or on the patio of a family’s home who has contacted us about the potential to refer in-home care to their parents and/or loved one.

I always quickly try to add to that “You know, some personality traits or preferences? Like do you do well with someone who is more talkative or maybe more reserved, proactive versus someone more prone to wait for direction?”

Psycho-social matching is one of the key distinctions in home care services my company prides itself on, but phrased the wrong way you can swiftly find yourself backed into a corner with a tall order that can only possibly be filled with a prayer, a wish and some dust from the home care fairy herself. Obviously with good reason as most families desire the world in an individual they’re going to entrust the care of their loved one to.

01 August 2013

The VIP Difference

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You have probably heard it said that life is a series of seasons. Some bring pleasant changes and others prove to be more challenging. One season in life that most individuals will face is a phase in which you or your loved one may find it necessary to bring in a little extra help.

VIP America, LLC is a licensed State of Florida nurse registry that has been serving Southeast and Southwest Florida since 1997. We understand the growing need our local population faces for quality in home care. Our community is faced with a growing number of geriatric aged residents who find themselves in need of additional help in their homes on a regular or semi-regular basis. Tasks that once seemed common-place daily routines are now more of a chore to complete. VIP America is able to refer to these individuals quality caregivers who will be able to assist the individual in staying independent in their own home.

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