patient advocate

Our company will assist in finding and refer out a Patient Advocate to manage and intervene for our clients. Patient advocates, also referred to as health advocates, take the headaches of dealing with doctors, insurance companies, medical issues or other issues during their client’s illness(es). A patient advocate will navigate the medical system, and educate clients to issues that arise and assist in resolving problems that can occur. We advocate for patients of all ages. Below is a list of some of the services a Patient Advocate will provide:

  • Comprise a complete initial assessment and plan of action.
  • Coordinate communication between patients, family member, medical professionals, and insurance agencies.
  • Liaison between patient and their health care providers.
  • Assess the client to identify problems relating to care.
  • Refer to appropriate health care services or resources.
  • Navigate the bureaucracy of health plans or the healthcare system.
  • Help clients in their decision making process.
  • Explain policies, procedures, or services to clients.
  • Familiarize clients with the need and use of home care and medical equipment.
  • Knowledge of community services and resources available to clients.
  • Provide transitional assistance to older clients moving into assisted living and/or nursing homes.
  • Assist in completing paperwork such as insurance claims, client registrations and all other related documents.
  • Comprise and maintain an electronic health record.
  • Coordinate transportation, bill tracking, and payment assistance.

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